Australia PR Point Calculator

Australia PR Point Calculator

Australia is a very gorgeous country which has access to a great amount of landscape and is full of diverse opportunities for foreign national coming there to live their dream life. Hence, many people choose to settle down in this country

To settle down in australia from any other country you will need to apply for Australia Permanent Residence Vista status. There are multiple Australia PR Visa by which you can achieve your goal to come and settle in Australia permanently. However, if you want to apply for Australian PR you need to meet some minimum eligibility requirement. You can check your eligibility with help of our Australia PR Point Calculator.

To settle down in an other country you have to apply for Australia Permanent Residence Visa status. There are several Australia PR Visas by which you can achieve your goal to move to Australia permanently. However, you have to be eligible for it. Check the benefits & basic requirements given below.

Australia PR Point Calculator

Benefit Of Australian PR Visa

  • The child born in Australia is an Australian Citizen.
  • You can sponsor your eligible relatives to move  with you.
  • You are eligible for Medicare health-care benefits.
  • Students can study there on domestic fees.
  • You can Live, study & work in Australia.
  • With PR Visa Status for 2 years  makes you eligible for Social Security benefits.
Australia PR Point Calculator



The applicant must be below the age of 50

Nominated Occupation

You must have experience and qualifications to support the Nominated Skilled Occupation.

Language Proficiency

To work in Australia you must have competent level of English language. You can either giver IELTS or PTE for that.


You must have minimum graduation to support your nominated skilled occupation.

Skills Assessment

Your skills must be assessed via a assessing authority. For each specific skill assessment there would be points.

Health Assessment

You must pass all of the medical checks by doctor on the PR Panel.


Once you have shared your details with us, we will get in touch with you and counsel you with the process. We will guide you throughout the process of technical evaluation we will also prepare a detailed evaluation report which will substantiate your chances of PR Once you have signed up with us our highly trained and experienced staff will get you along with the application right from the initial stages. Our customer support is superb and our processing accuracy is super high.

Step By Step Process To Apply For

Australian PR

Step 1: Assessment 

First of all the applications have to get their experience and educational qualification credentials to assess by assessing bodies. These assessing bodies can vary occupation to occupation of applicant. These assess agency will determine whether the applicant’s educational and work experience are equivalent to Australian standard or not. Once you are successfully assessed, you will be offered and letter of accreditation. The fees is around AU$800 for this assessment.

Profile Assesment
Language Profeciency

Step 2: Language Proficiency

Australian PR requires candidates to be fluent in English language. For this the candidate need to takes either IELTS or PTE test. The minimum required point to apply for Australian PR are 7 band each for IELTS or 79 each in PTE.

Step 3: Submit EOI

Once you have the letter of accreditation, candidates need to submit their EOI (Expression Of Interest) for applying for PR visa with the help of skill-Select. After all this is done the candidate needs to invited by government to apply for visa.

Submit EOI

Step 4: State Nomination

In case you have applied for a state nomination visa, your next step is to apply for the the state nomination. Requirement for state nomination are different as per the application procedures.

Step 5: Visa filing

Visa application needs to be submitted with the candidate’s education document, work documents, certificate and other must required document.

Visa Filing
Medical and Police clearance

Step 6: Medical and Police Clearance

For entering Australia as Permanent Citizen, applicant and dependents need to get themselves passed from strict health and character requirement. Applicants need to take medical examination that needs to be conducted via nominated doctors who are registered with Australian embassy.

Australia PR FAQ

Minimum points required to start your process are 65 but anything under 80 has a very low chance of PR
It takes around 6-9 months to successfully process a PR but everything depends on you points.
You get 0 points for age once you cross 45.
Subclass 189: Skilled Independent visa Subclass 190: Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 489: Skilled regional visa
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