5 Reasons Why You Should Study in Regional Areas of Australia

Around 70% of students who are moving to study in Australia think of going to iconic capitals. They plan out to live and study in these big cities of Australia, without realizing that big cities are not the only locations to find the opportunities to grow further. Regional cities like Adelaide, Darwin, Ballarat, Townsville, etc. offer up many opportunities for international students coming to Australia.

One more benefit that you won’t get while you study in these big cities is getting an extra point for permanent residency, but if you chose a regional area to study. You will get extra points when applying for permanent residency. You can get 5 additional points for studying in a regional area of Australia while applying for Permanent Residency post-study. An additional benefit of studying in a regional area is that you will get an extra 1-year post-study right as compared to any other area you are studying from.

Likewise, you will get the chance to explore the real Australian culture, Lifestyle, beautiful beaches, and mesmerizing landscapes.

Here’s our list of the major reason why you need to consider studying in a regional area of Australia.

Affordable living

As compared to big cities like Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth, the cost of living in a regional city or town is almost half. So, you can get a high-quality lifestyle by paying almost half. Other luxury expenses like traveling, groceries, food, and entertainment are way cheaper than any other big city.

As per our research conducted via various sources including interviewing of students and local people, here’s a detailed expense report.

City Estimated cost of living

Sydney $2000 – 2500

Adelaide $1500 – 1700

Hobart, Tasmania $1500 – 1700

Perth $1200 – 1500

Darwin $1200 – 1500

Cairns $800 – 1200

Special Courses

Regional areas provide you with the opportunity of studying in secondary schools, TAFE, Universities, and English Language studies. Most of the reputed education institute and universities have their campus available in regional areas and also offer almost the same amenities and range of courses like their main campus

Higher Immigration Opportunity

If you have completed your studies in a regional area, you become eligible to gain extra points toward Permanent Residency. So, if you are planning to apply for an Australian Permanent Residency, studying in a regional area will give you an upper hand. Studying or living in a regional city for 2+ years will help you get additional 5 points toward a skilled Permanent Residency visa.

Relaxed lifestyle

As an international student, what would be your priority after your study? It’s obvious, The quality of lifestyle.

Who wouldn’t enjoy a life that is super calming and relaxing and near to nature, without any hustle of a big city? Living in a regional area also lets you take part in leisure activities between classes in the middle of nature. You will also find the same entertainment center and facilities like big cities in these towns but with a more relaxed lifestyle. Another Plus point of studying in a regional area is that there’s less competition for part-time jobs. So whilst you study you get paid higher wages.

Community Bonding

Regional university campuses have a stronger community value due to the smaller student associations making it easier to meet and know the people around you. Living in a regional area will allow international students to explore and discover the network with different people from different communities.

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