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Why Learn IELTS With SIMAR

Career Counseling

It's always difficult for the students to select which career path is best for them. We help you with our career counseling.

1 on 1 Attention

We provide 1 on 1 attention to students with course selection. We do this based on their past academic record.

Visa Assistance

To be an International Student you will require a valid visa before moving forward with your study in any specific country



IELTS Module

IELTS Modules


Listening Module

  • Listening is approximately of 30 minutes + you get additional 10 minutes to transfer your answers to test sheet.
  • There will be 40 questions. Type of questions that can occur are: multiple choice, matching, sentence completion, short-answer questions… etc.
  • Listening module has 4 sections:
    • Section 1 & 2 are of everyday social context.
    • Section 3 & 4 are of educational or academic context.
  • A total of 60 minutes are allocate with no extra transfer time.
  • Reading Modules has two modules: Academic or General Training
  • In total 40 questions are given. Different type of questions that can come are: multiple choice, identifying information, summary completion, identifying views/claims… etc.
  • Reading Module has 3 sections. The total text length is approx 2,100-2,700 words.


Reading Module

Writing Module

  • Writing is 60 minutes long task.
  • There are further two modules: Academic or General Training
  • Writing module has 2 tasks.
    • Task 1 is of 150 words and should take 20 min max.
    • Task 2 is of 250 words and should take 40 min max.
  • Speaking test is 10-15 minutes Long
  • Speaking module has 3 parts:
    • Part 1: Introduction.
    • Part 2: Cue Cards.
    • Part 3: Follow up questions.


Speaking Module

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Why Learn IELTS With Simar?

Why Study IELTS With Simar
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